About Us

Our mission is to provide more accessible, sustainable, competitively priced opportunities for fashion lovers everywhere to buy and elevate their style with each piece purchased.

Started by a group of friends in Athens, GA who met at The University of Georgia, Elevate has turned into a one stop shop for the hottest items in the game from streetwear to vintage to shoes to accessories. As a primarily second-hand store, we promote sustainability by reducing the use of raw materials needed to produce new items. We aim to sell fashionable items at an affordable price that will Elevate our customer's style. As the adage goes: look good, feel good.


Elevate is a lifestyle that we and all our customers live by every day. We believe fashion is a constant cycle of evolution and growth, and we're here to assist you in meeting your needs. Help us help you take your style to the next level as you step out everyday in confidence as your best self.